1 Great Tip to Build Confidence

Change your language

Building your confidence can be as simple as changing your language.  I’m don’t mean English or Spanish.  I’m talking about the words you use from day to day.  Do you use the phrase “I can’t?”  If you do, I say “Stop that!”  The phrase “I can’t” limits you.  Henry Ford said, “If you believe you can or if you believe you can, you are right.”  What that means is that what you believe will be your outcome, and what you speak out loud often becomes what you believe.  You can often change your beliefs by changing you language.  

Never speak ill of yourself, even in jest, because your subconscious self cannot tell the difference between a joke and s serious statement.  When you come across a challenge tell yourself you can handle it.  Remember you are bigger than any challenge you can face.  

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