Gaining Personal Power

Posture – Stand up straight.  When you stand up straight it changes your body chemistry and your confidence naturally increases, even if just for the moment.  The more you practice this, the better your posture will get permanently and this will change the way you see yourself from day to day.  When you see  yourself as more confident, you will be more confident.  It’s all about mindset and this is a way to change your mindset with our forcing your mind to believe something you don’t feel in the moment.  Another perk of this practice is, from a personal safety or protection standpoint, you are less likely to be chosen as the target of a bully or a perpetrator when you are standing up straight because you look stronger.

Examples – Look back at your life and find examples in your memory of times when you felt powerful.  Write them down.  Keep track – write down current times.  After you experience feeling powerful write it down.  What went down?   What were you thinking; feeling at the time? How did you respond?  Why did you feel powerful.  This is something you can do, not just for moments you feel powerful, but any “win” as we call it.  Anytime you did something well, improved something or did something that was difficult, mentally, emotionally or physically, write it down.  At our dojo we use what we call “ Win Cards” and put them on our “Win Wall.”  We encourage people to write an example of doing well, improving, or doing something that was difficult in their “Win Cards” each time they are here.  The more you keep track of theses the more examples you will have of success and power, which is more references with which the mind can create beliefs.

Grow – Challenge yourself to push outside of your comfort zone.  Feel the fear and act anyway.  Each time you do this you will feel more and more powerful.  Each time you expand your comfort zone grows.  When you stretch an elastic it never goes back to its original shape.  Your comfort zone works he same way.  It is not necessary to constantly be outside of your comfort zone.  They say being 5% outside of your comfort zone 5% of the time will grow it, and you.  That said, it’s good to go further out every now and then.  This will help you grow faster.

Remember have good posture (stand up straight), collect examples (write down when you feel powerful or do something well), and grow (push yourself outside your comfort zone).  The more often you do these things, the more powerful you will be and feel. 

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