Personal Lessons

Villari’s Martial Arts Centers offers private and semi-private lessons with highly trained Martial Arts Instructors. Private instruction supplies you with Martial Arts training directly tailored towards your needs. You’ll receive personalized feedback and instruction that is focused on your own advancement, and your Instructor will be able to assess your ability and create a lesson plan based on your personal development. Due to the nature of group classes, instant feedback on your skills may not be readily available. With private Instruction, the focus is concentrated on you.

Benefits to private instruction include:

  • One on one class time with highly trained Instructors
  • Personalized feedback
  • Classes tailored towards your needs
  • Personal development
  • Weapons training (Optional after Purple belt?)
  • Concentrated focus on traditional materials (forms, combinations, techniques)

We are located at 54 Union Square Somerville, Ma 02143, while serving the communities of Cambridge and Medford.