Safety in Schools – 2024

What’s School Safety In 2024 Like?

2023 was worse than 2022 in many areas…

School Shootings were up (and it’s continued to be on an upward trend)… You can see the safety graphic here:School Shootings Safety Graph 2023









Which continues a 417% increase in the number of school shootings between 2017 and 2022.

There are also many other indicators regarding school crime and violence you can read about in this report from the National Center for Education Statistics. (Read Here)

What can we do to improve safety?

That’s why programs such as Villari’s Martial Arts are so important. When kids individually develop discipline, confidence, and safety awareness they not only keep themselves safer but create a better environment around them. One of the ways this is proven is in Dr. Greg Moody’s bullying prevention research (read here) where he found getting your Black Belt and Beyond reduced bullying more than any school-based bullying prevention program.  

This isn’t to say that we don’t have individual, social, mental health, governmental, educational, and political solutions for safety that we can all be working towards. It’s just that we can also individually control what we can – and here we can provide our support.

I invite all parents, caregivers, and people who work with kids to become familiar with the ways school safety is threatened and this is a big step towards children being safer.

Here is a link to Dr. Greg Moody’s book: Bullying: Truth, Myths and What To Do!

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