Master Brad Rogers

Master Brad Rogers has been studying Shaolin Kempo Karate for over 20 Years. He began studying in the Malden location in March of 1995 and began teaching in 1998. He received his Black Belt in June of 1999. He purchased the Villari’s Martial Arts Center in Somerville in March of 2013. Under the guidance of Professor David Leggeri he reached 5th Degree Master Black Belt, which is the first level of mastery, in November of 2013. He has since earned the rank of 6th Degree Master Black Belt. Over his 23+ years of experience Master Rogers has developed a unique way of teaching that gets results. He seems to have a way with helping children with behavioral issues and social disorders.

As a child Master Rogers would dream of being a great martial arts expert, saving the day from bullies with his martial arts skill. Master Rogers has broken through his fears and doubts to become a 6th Degree Master Black Belt, and now owns the Villari’s Martial Arts Center in Somerville.

He has since realized that the power of martial arts and personal growth has the ability to save more than just the day. When we are open, vulnerable, and empathetic we can create a world that does not need saving. We can live our dreams and live together in love and joy!

Master Rogers decided that his Villari’s Martial Arts Center would have a laser focus on “Personal Growth Through the Martial Arts.” He added new powerful new programming and implemented a unique teaching method to support this focus.

“The word karate means ‘Empty Hand.’ I believe we can also refer to it as an ‘open hand,’ open to everyone. Open can have many connotations: vulnerable, giving, receiving. My mission is to make an impact on the world through “Personal Growth Through the Martial Arts,” remaining open to all those who seek personal growth and development.”