Sensei Justin von Bosau

Justin loves teaching at Villari’s because he gets to see the growth in the students. Everyone expands themselves in the martial arts, and he thinks is wonderful to watch people gain more confidence, power, and balance within their motions and their lives. Justin got to see students he’d helped since childhood mature into teens and confident young adults, and within that, knew he’d made an impact on their lives for the better.

Justin started with Villaris’ through an after-school program in 7th grade when he was 12. Due to mild Asperger’s syndrome and organizational issues, Justin had issues with confidence and strong emotions. Almost nine years later, Justin is leaps and bounds above where he was. In under-Black-Belt-training, he learned to be more aware of himself and his surroundings. In Black-Belt-training, he’s grown in grace and confidence, overcoming fears. Now, he is happy and determined in his goals for the future.

Justin is a senior at Boston University, studying film-making. He is a Producer for a college horror show, and has numerous stories about that. Despite being knowledgeable about what goes on behind the camera, Justin also enjoys acting and screenwriting. He is currently adapting his first feature length script into novel form. Justin also reads, plays video games, and is working on learning the katana.

“It’s easy to think that belt tests or difficult forms or something like that is the ‘hardest part,’ of Martial Arts, but I would say that it is 100% just coming in the first time. People all come in with pre-conceived notions about what they’ll find; for some, they might expect MMA, or something like Cobra Kai. I know for me, I was so timid my first class that, when I found out I was late for it, I didn’t even go—but next week got there extremely early expecting to be yelled at. In actuality, I met Master Brad, and had a wonderful class that hasn’t really ever stopped since!”

– Justin von Bosau