Amazing Teacher

P. S.

After doing yoga for 5-6 years, I wanted to try something new. After some googling, I stumbled on this convenient location, went in for a free trial class - and I've been coming here ever since. Master Brad is an amazing teacher, and he runs a fantastic operation for both children and adults. It is reasonably priced, especially in comparison to other studios in the area, and you definitely feel like you get your money's worth. The people that go here are open-minded and welcoming, regardless of your martial arts ability. The upper-level belts take the time to help out us lower-level folks. When I first started, all I really wanted was a good workout, and to learn to protect myself. In addition to getting that, there are also many psychological, emotional and personal benefits.You focus on mental growth in addition to physical growth. My confidence has shot through the roof in the past 8 months! To be fair, this is my only experience with a martial arts studio - but I don't want to go anywhere else.